Sonja Zagermann
Editorial Design Studio



Angela Thomas: Von Konstruktiver Klarheit. Max Bill und seine Zeit 1940–1952

Website Design for Artist Bignia Wehrli

Libikooka Logo Design

Website Design for Artist Lisa Biedlingmaier

Angela Thomas: A Subversive Gleam: Max Bill and His Time. 1908–1939

Wired China: Digital Media and Online Culture

Lisa Biedlingmaier: Anti-MEs / Serenity / Family Tree / Addiction / Collective Memory / Intolerance

SCAA Annual Report 2019

SCAA Poster Series

Website for photographer/artist Bettina Diel

Beauty + Lion Logo

Metapictures Catalogue, OCAT Institute Beijing

JOM Architect’s Portfolio Broschure 2020

Maria Pomiansky: 100% Renaissance



Lin Ke: lin_ke

Poster for Chinese-Danish Project "Responding"

Jannis Schulze: Pangu

JOM Architect's Broschure

fink twice 501, 502, 503

Monika Sennhauser: Gleichungen in Intervallen
Michael Bodenmann and Bit-Tuner: I haven’t been everywhere but it’s ok
Worldmaking Logo
Transformations Quartett
I: project space exhibition poster series
Spreadsheet #1–21
Jannis Schulze: Pangu
Liang Hao: Just Fishing in the Nature

JOM Architect's Website
Veronika Spierenburg: Ecke, Hoek, Hörn
Cosimo Gritsch
Lin Ke: lin_ke

time is...
Daniel Stubenvoll: i:cowboy
Slow Design

Liang Hao: Just Fishing in the Nature
Maria Pomiansky: 100% Renaissance
Wegen dem guten Essen – Reprint 2017
Poster for Danish-Chinese Project "Response"
Christa Ziegler: Polis – What about Cairo?
L'Officiel ART 1–3

Daniel Stubenvoll: i:cowboy

Christa Ziegler: Polis – Cities in Images
automatic auctions' house catalogue

Uriel Orlow: Unmade Film
JOM Architects

Romy Rüegger: A Play for Recorded Voices 

workflow of the automatic catalogue